With so much money being exchanged during SFX Entertainment's push to control EDM EMC, I guess one could figure that it wouldn't take long for the powerhouse to get sued. This is a wild situation, where three "music industry veterans" (Paolo Moreno, Gabriel Moreno, and Lawrence Vavra) are essentially claiming that, in the beginning, the idea of SFX's global stronghold on EDM was a collective one, with SFX's Robert Sillerman being more of a "strategic partner" in the situation. They claim that “after doing all the leg work to create the company, we brought on Sillerman as a strategic partner… Once on board, he squeezed us out of SFX, using our business strategy for his financial benefit and defrauded us out of millions.”

Apparently they have emails that say Sillerman promised them "a joint partnership in which the plaintiffs would receive 2.5 million “founders shares” of SFX," but then never gave them the monies, even though they stayed on with SFX putting in work.

As of right now, a representative at SFX says they “will vigorously defend this baseless lawsuit," so we're sure we've not heard the end of this. And while it might not topple what SFX has in the pipeline, it'll be interesting to see how their stock fairs with this news.


(inthemix via Wall Street Journal)