Oliver Helden's original track "Gecko" is like that cow that kicked over the bucket and started the Great Chicago Fire. That fire was Willy Joy's remix. It spread up, down, left, and Wright. Damn Wright. Now we see it flipped over with a rap track chopped and screwed, trapped in this burning building that began with a little lizard.

Apparently now we can save more money in less time in car insurance terms, even if there are some that will never get tired of the Geico Gecko gimmick. That little guy never gets tired. Turn down for what, he yells. And this old lady is taping pictures to an actual wall. The outside is indoors and indoors it is like a summer night under the stars in the middle of the forest in Michigan. Arts and crafts and free love and all that hippie shit.

I have recently been talking of bridging the gap between genres within electronic music, and very recently taking that a step further to mean all music. It is the only thing that matters. Its powers are infinite, provided you are willing to accept the gift and the curse that comes along with enlightenment.

Kayzo's flip is analogous to the story of any unlikely, unsuspecting hero. Where past meets present and a new journey begins and all of these literary tropes converge in some way that pulls everything together so that the fate of the world rests in the hands of this dude who has no idea why he was chosen or what he will do and just when everything seems like it is going to miserably fail, a conclusion happens that resolves all of these things. And we slap a cover on it or don't even send it to print anymore, publish it yourself or sell it or let it keep you warm when you can't find even someone to read it.

Lucky for Kayzo, he isn't as clueless as Frodo Baggins. I don't believe in coincidences, and everything happens for a reason. In real life as in fantasy novels. "G Flip" couldn't be a more proper name for this track. This is a gangster flip, house and trap meet in the dirtiest of dutch bars and share hot turnips, brought to a boiling frenzy and then sprinkled with an original rap track. This vocal edit is the most original and distinct of changes, for me it is just some icing on a cake.

Do not eat turnips raw, word to the wise. But do peep this remix which has earned support from my homie Cosenza and also from Helden's himself.