Last month, Ke$ha checked into Timberline Knolls rehab in the Chicago area for a 30-day program to treat an eating disorder. According to press release, the singer will remain at the facility, despite having completed the initial planned treatment. She has subsequently canceled tour dates scheduled for March and April. From the release:

"I was so looking forward to performing at these dates but I need to follow my Doctor's advice and get my health back on track... All of your support during this time has been so amazing. I couldn’t have done this without you all. I look forward to coming back stronger than ever on the next tour."

No word on whether or not Ke$ha's mother Pepe Sebert, who checked into Timberline Knolls for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder less than two weeks after her daughter, is still in rehab or if she's changed her mind on who is to blame for Ke$ha's disorder.

[via Billboard]

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