According to WhoSampled, James Brown is the most sampled artist of all time. The website has used its extensive database of music to research the most sampled and covered artists and songs of all time. The "Godfather of Soul" has been sampled over 3000 times, more than twice the amount as Public Enemy, which ranked number two in the list. While Brown does not top the list of most sampled songs, he is the only artist to have two songs on the list. Both "Funky President" and "Funky Drummer" have been sampled a combined 1,181 times. The most sampled song of all time is Beside's "Change The Beat," which has been sampled 1,267 times.

At the top of both the most covered artist and most covered song of all time is The Beatles. Their song "Yesterday" has been covered 130 times. On the list of 20 most covered songs, there are five other songs from the British band.

[via Priceonomics]

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