While Kanye West was in his hometown of Chicago earlier this week to perform two consecutive nights at the United Center, he linked up with Power 92's DJ Pharris to talk about a number of topics. During the 26-minute interview he touches on his adidas deal and talks about handling fame. He also names James Brown as his favorite artist of all time. West has shown love to "The Godfather of Soul" in the past by sampling Brown throughout his career. He and The Neptunes sampled three James Brown records alone on "Gotta Have It" off of Watch The Throne.

Later in the conservation Kanye West explains why he's a risk taker when it comes to music and fashion. He goes into a lengthy monologue to describe his motives before quoting a Drake lyric from Nicki Minaj's 2010 record "Moment 4 Life." 

"I need to be a poster child of what it means to break all boundaries. 'Cause I look at the inside of this TV, I look at all this matrix we in. And I'm like, man, ain't none of this real. The only thing real is your family, your loved ones, the time that you have. Only luxury is time and the only thing promised is that you gonna die one day. So like Drizzy say, he said, 'Everybody dies but not everybody lives.' So we just gonna live this to the maximum, to the fullest."

Watch the full interview above.

[via Power 92]

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