Mixtape: Unknown
Producer: DJ Sam Sneak

Miami’s Iceberg just dropped this track he did with DJ Sam Sneak. This beat is all over the place. It’s pulling hard from that classic Miami bass jam pony party style with hints of electro bleeding though. But man, those drums make this some shit you want to hear loud as fuck in the club. Iceberg’s got a few styles in his pocket. Usually he’s on some more straightforward contemporary raps, but he will change it up and drop some faster party shit too, as he does here. His track "Show Me Love" with Lil Dred from earlier this month is on some Robin S-spazzed out stutter rave-rap shit, on straight-up overload. Fortunately he changes out the cracked out house shit and builds a foundation on what made Miami great: booty music.

Iceberg drops his verses in between commands to sit on the dick and ride out, random usage of stereo panning, OH’s, WHAT’s, get lower chants, Portuguese, and all kinds of other change ups. Really the only draw back of this song is that’s it’s barely over two and half minutes long. It’s like a like being wasted at 10 PM and you can’t remember how the fuck you got so turnt: you should be worried but goddamn, that was fun.

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