Today, announced the release of its "First Quarter Report," a list of the hottest seven songs in hip-hop's 7 hottest cities. (Are they hip-hop's seven hottest cities? Sorry Seattle!)

Considering the wealth of new ways to measure the popularity of hip-hop tracks, and the lack of a reliable method of doing so—if you trust YouTube views, LOL—it's been pretty inconvenient that there is no central clearinghouse for this kind of information. Particularly since Billboard started separating its Hip-Hop/R&B chart from its Hip-Hop airplay chart, letting Psy and Macklemore run rampant on the charts without much attention from hip-hop's core audiences.

According to Matt Tompkins of Street Execs, they polled club DJs across the city, city by city, and found out that "radio spins and club exposure don't necessarily correlate." Sources are included at the bottom of the infographic. The other stats were sourced from Mediabase and YouTube.

This chart isn't perfect—all stats can be worked, and there's no way to tell if a DJ is self-reporting honestly, or with a few extra dollars sticking out of his pockets. If you look at the names listed at the bottom of the infographic, stats for San Francisco and Los Angeles are only sourced from three different data points, which suggests a lot of room for variation. It'll also be interesting to see how they might incorporate products like Shazaam in the future; one of the most-Shazaamed songs in Chicago right now is Sicko Mobb's "Fiesta," which is only at No. 6 here. All that said, this is an invaluable resource, particularly for those of us who like to see which artists are really popping across the map.

[Infographic via DJ Service Pack]

[Infographic] The 7 Hottest Songs in The 7 Hottest Cities - An Infographic from

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