So much great music coming out today I had to eat lunch at my desk at DAD offices. Folie Douce are a Belgium-based collective and record label responsible for releases by bass music wonders such as Obey City, Ryan Hemsworth, DJ Paypal, S-Type, HYDRABADD, and more.

This here is a nine-track collection of various types of bass musics from producers the world over. You'll find the anthemic hip-hop-flavored EDM of Glasgow's S-Type, some RnB tinged club from Masuka out of Belgium and gabber style footwork from Berlin's DJ Paypal to give you an idea some of what's being offered here. I recommend checking out the whole thing since you can really find something for everyone here who has an interest in the bass side of electronic dance music.

Check out this interesting Vice feature for confessions from all the artists featured on the comp.

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