One of the most comedic comments I'd read last week was someone talking about not wanting to go to certain footwork sounds because "doandroidsdance type people" would be there. If only they knew that, outside of what gets covered on the site, I'm the type of guy who's listening to footwork non-stop. I'm in a situation where anytime a TEKLIFE mix comes out, I'm practically stopping everything to give it my undivided attention. I'm falling into situations where I'm going ham when I hear a mix and a new banger slides in, or one of the guys is throwing in tunes that I just hope they drop. I'm just in that footwork state of mind these days.

I say all of that to say when I first threw on DJ Earl and Heavee D's Audio Fixx 2 compilation and heard that "Gonna Be Mine" was the first track, I was floored. It's one of those tunes I'd been hearing for a while, and one that won't leave my memory for a bit. The samples, the somber chords. It's pure TEKLIFE soulful footwork music, and throughout these 19 tracks, we get to see how Earl and Heavee represent that next phase of the TEK sound. 19 tracks of proper footwork material is all you need to know, really. Grab it today via Bandcamp.

And as an added bonus, check out DJ Earl's appearance at an LA edition of the Boiler Room.

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