Just as we're done giggling about the irony of the Panic! at the Disco show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta being stopped abruptly due to a noticeable crack in the dance floor (nobody was hurt), we took a peek around the internet and noticed that Diplo tweeting that his show in Kenya was stopped early because "the floor was about to collapse."  We can't find any further news on that, but we do have the picture that MUST DIE! took from inside a show he was playing with Datsik last night.  They were performing together at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, where a piece of roof seems to have fallen into the crowd:

Though there seem to be no injuries to report, three dancefloors being emptied due to construction defects is a warning sign if we've ever seen one.  We spoke on the shabby conditions at Chicago's Congress Theater last year, and we got messages from several representatives of the venue saying that we were misinformed.  A month later, their liquor license was revoked, and their doors have been closed since last July.  And while we aren't alleging that there's a deeper story at Concord Music Hall, this is the second time in less than 12 months that we've heard about dangerous conditions for large crowds of partygoers in the windy city.  Who's in charge of inspecting these heavily trafficked venues?

UPDATE It looks like four people were injured in the roof collapse at Concord Music Hall:

UPDATE Concord Music Hall management has decided to close the venue due to the roof collapse last night. Here is their official statement:

Concord Music Hall has voluntarily agreed to close until further notice due to a section of plaster falling from its ceiling during a show last night. During this time, Concord will fully cooperate with all City of Chicago officials to ensure that there are no ongoing concerns for the safety of its patrons and its employees.

Information regarding this weekend’s and future events will follow.

And it also looks like they're moving scheduled shows to another venue:

It's good to see that they're on top of things.