We're not sure who we should thank for this. On Sway In The Morning this week, Sway had Vanessa Hudgens on his show to talk about her new film, Gimme Shelter, but it's what happened towards the very end of this interview that has us smiling. See, in the Spring of 2013, Sway had Vanessa's High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale on the program, and Ashley ended up twerking a little bit. Sway, being the genius he is, basically lays down the challenge to Vanessa to see if she can twerk it better than Ashley. Vanessa let Sway know that a) her ass isn't big enough to truly twerk (which we respect), but b) she's been booty popping since before she met Ashley.

Oh, really?

We've seen Spring Breakers, and watched a GIF of Vanessa in Frozen Ground getting her pole dance on, but it was high time to see if she really could get her booty pop on. And the genius of DJ Wonder shines through with his selection of Diplo's "Express Yourself" to give Vanessa the sonic bed to pop out. And she did, wonderfully. So relish in the full interview up above, or just go directly to the closer, with Vanessa showing us what she's working with. We even included some previous GIFs of Young Hudgens getting her groove on.

She's right, she does have that natural rhythm.





(Sway's Universe)