tyDi is a homey of the DAD crew. We love him for his originality, his talent, his honesty, and a certain hankering to social responsibility. His humility may be his most impressive quality, as he is ever so active with fans on Twitter and Facebook, and never afraid to share his very candid views with his many fans. He is also quick to surprise them with fun and exciting news, so last night when I saw a tweet with a forthcoming announcement, I knew it was something golden. 

In late 2013, TyDi released an album, Hotel Rooms, about his life on the road, traveling since he was a teenager from his home in Australia to probably every part of the world. It is a very thought provoking album that tells a story through its tracks, and tells us of his travels without ever speaking a word. This guy makes dance music though, and the long awaited arrival of an announcement for his next dance album entitled REDEFINED came through the interwebs last night. The first single is a track with Dia Frampton, best known for her success on television show The Voice, and blustering through pop music with a set of windpipes that blows audiences away. "Stay," which is the name of their track, is sure to have the same effect. Keep a lookout for its release, and for the album, set to drop February 25.