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QuiccStrikes is harrowing/intimidating/terrifying. If Michael Myers listened to rap or if Charles Manson listened to rap or if the zombies from I Am Legend listened to rap, this would be the tape they all agreed on. It possesses a legitimate Song of the Year contender (the dark "Lewinsky," which also came with a powerful video that matches the song's rubbery death yowl), the best opening track of any of the albums listed here (followed closely by Roosh Williams's "Introduction") and a surprisingly enthusiastic bit of songwriting.

Extension of the last point: While a cursory listen of QuiccStrikes offers that dark-sided drone-drone-drone sound that's going to be very popular soon, a more thorough examination reveals moments of top notch craftsmanship, most favorably on "YMG," where Maxo stutter-steps through a light burst of lyricism, rapping "Head game in the corner / I go hard, no boner / Law 'Doh!' like Homer Simp, never been a Simp / O.J. Simp, kill a bitch quick crippin' ass pimp / Get a glimpse, New World Order." Great, great.