Album: ATLiens
Trend It Predicted: Rhyming About Being from Space
Modern Examples: Future "Astronaut Chick," Lil Wayne "IANAHB"

Black music has long been fixated on the cosmos. Sun Ra traveled the Interstellar Low Ways and plundered heliocentric worlds in the late ‘50s & early ‘60s, George Clinton’s funk mob Parliament explored the Mothership Connection in the ‘70s, and Afrika Bambaataa’s Soulsonic Force partied on Planet Rock in the '80s. OutKast got cosmic for a new generation on 1996’s ATLiens, wherein Antwan and Andre ditched the smart-alecky, pothead shit-talk of Southernplayalistic in favor of the wizened retrofuturism that would color the remainder of their career.

It was a good fit for a group that bucked against hip-hop convention every step of the way. (Though they caught hell for it. See: Aquemini’s scathing “Return of the ‘G’” for Andre’s formal response to the haters.) And it made for great iconography and video treatments. (See: the classic clip for "Elevators (Me & You)")

A number of artists have tapped into 'Kast and the Dungeon Family's otherworldly Southern spacecase vibe in the years since. From Lil’ Wayne claiming Martian citizenship at various points in his career (See: his I Am Not a Human Being album series) to Fabo from D4L getting so geeked up that he saw "Spaceships on Bankhead" to Future engaging Astronaut Status in his mixtape days and eventually taking us all to Pluto.