My gosh this track is gorgeous. It has a purity that will take your breath away. As sexy and sweet as it is, it makes me feel the type of funny that is NSFW. I want to make the reference of climbing a rope in gym class, but worry that it's too dated to be relatable.

What's done is done.

And done so well. This remix is what I'm referring to, of course. One of Manila Killa and PRFFTT & Svyable's favorite Little Dragon songs, they had to do this justice. They stripped the original of its background noises, downed the tempo, and changed the feel of this track completely. I am not complaining about the feels I'm getting though listening to their version.

From a kick and a snare to a simple snap and trippy melodic flow, the original transforms from obvious bouncing straightforwardness to the remix that is a soft spoken absolute ten of a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

And I am saying, yeaaahhhhh, in a subtle, groovy tone with a sexy snap to match.