A couple of days ago, a phone call between KRS-One and his former associate MC Funky J surfaced on the net. The audio was reportedly sent out to media outlets by MC Funky J himself, serving as promotion for his new song, a diss track aiming at KRS. According to the audio, the dispute between the two stemmed from Funky J leaving a note on KRS One's front door. The note was an open threat to KRS about a van that was in MC Funky J's possession that went missing. 

The odd thing about this leaked audio clip and the dispute itself is that it's supposedly from 2005. MC Funky J has been sitting on this for almost a decade, waiting for the right time to release it. In the song, Funky J references the violent and racial threats KRS shouts at him over the phone. 

This raises many questions. Do KRS's angry threats violate the principles he stands for? Is MC Funky J totally out of line releasing 8-year-old audio? Where is the missing van that kicked off the whole situation? And what the hell was he thinking trying to come at KRS-One?

Peep the diss track video below, listen to the full phone call audio here, and let us know what you think of the two going at one another.