Producer: Kool G Rap
Album: Wanted: Dead or Alive 
Label: Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros. Records

Kool G Rap: "This was a concept. I had always been a rapper for the thugs, the drug dealers, the goons, and the dudes locked up. I wanted to make something in a different direction. It wasn’t meant to be smooth. It was meant to get chicks interested in me in that kind of light but be funny at the same time. Everything is not always straight-faced or ice grilling for me. I like to laugh, I like to joke around. I like when other people make me laugh.

"Concept songs were very important but I never forced them. I would just let everything come natural, whatever took over my imagination I’d just roll with that. But I did want to rap about interesting shit. I didn’t want to do a thousand 'Men At Works', or a hundred 'Road to the Riches.' I wanted to expand."