Producer: Trackmasters
Album: Live and Let Die 
Label: Cold Chillin' Records

Kool G Rap: "I linked up with the Trackmasters because they were doing production for a group that Cold Chillin’ started to work with called Lil Bastards. The material that the group had was hot on the strength of the production, which was all Trackmasters. My man up at Cold Chillin’, Fly Ty [Tyrone Williams, CEO of the label] linked me up with them.

"The first time we went to the studio in Queens, Frank Nitty [who was originally in Trackmasters] was like, ‘Yo G, I got this sick loop,’ but he didn’t have it on him. He had to go all the way back to his crib in The Bronx to go get ['Get Out Of My Life' by Joe Williams and the Jazz Orchestra]. As soon as I heard the beat it inspired the song. I wrote the first two verses right there. When we went to mix the record, I had the third verse prepared to lay down.

"Bill Blass was my man. He was a real street dude out of Brooklyn. He ended up being my road manager for awhile. He was in the video for 'Ill Street Blues' and 'Road To The Riches,' and on the back cover for Wanted: Dead Or Alive. I connected him with Eric B."