Find out what happens when indielectronica synthpop that sounds like it is time warped straight from the eighties gets thrown into the hands of nutty futuristic trippy twerk music makers the Goon Bags.

This wouldn't be the first time chain gang and twerk music have been used synonymously by this anonymous superhero, if you will believe it. Even more bizarre is the fact that this time it is in an entirely different context. Today, I make mention not because certain twerk music sends my mind to far off times and places, although that does happen in this remix, it is because the artist who made this original track is actually called Chain Gang of 1974. His music sounds less like southern chants of exhausted prisoners in unfair and unsafe working conditions and more like the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club.

"Sleepwalking" is probably a familiar tune to most of you reading this, as it was featured in the official trailer for the hottest video game of 2013 if not ever, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V. It is also featured on the game's soundtrack, as well as in one of the three endings, for those of you who actually play the missions out instead of driving/around causing ruckus in criminal-ville. 

The Goon Bags are always causing some sort of ruckus somewhere, but as far as I know they aren't committing grand larceny or theft auto or murder for that matter. The only killing they do is of this remix, that is somewhat softer than their usual sound, which is a testament to the original track. It has a dreamy feel, technically coming up on iTunes and future-twerk and a seemingly fitting descriptor for the sound. At this point, terminology means less and less except a road map for explaining these electronic archetypes, which can be fairly daunting to put into words.

The clanking of chains and rolls of trap-influenced percussions are mixed impeccably with heartfelt vocals and trippy, drippy, dippy synths. Definitely not the sorrowful clanks of a chaing gang, the Goon Bags version will have you sleepwalk your way into this track today, and cure that case of the Mondays.