Portugal's Buraka Som Sistema has had an intriguing ride through the dance music scene. Since 2006, this crew has forged ahead, doing the damn thing on their own terms, and winning. It's great to see them channeling the movements from across the world and siphoning it back to the masses. Linking up with Red Bull Music Academy, we have Off The Beaten Track, a documentary that follows them around the world for the last year, ending up home and channeling all of that experience into their next album, and includes everyone from Diplo to Belinda Law talking about the beauty that is Buraka. This documentary has been screened over the world, and while there's no date on when this will officially be released, we do have the 30-minute version of Off The Beaten Track to view for free; the full version is an hour long. More details on when that'll hit the public when we get them.