Run The Jewels isn't so much a musical duo as it is an eternal bond between Killer Mike and El-P. The two first linked up when Mike was recording his sixth solo release which became R.A.P. Music, an incredible project fully produced by El-P. Like a rap version of Megazord, they combined forces this year to create Run The Jewels and followed with their collaborative self-titled debut album. Run the Jewels has since been included on countless "Best Of" lists, including Complex.

In the exclusive clip above from Myspace we're given an inside look at the recording process behind Run the Jewels. El-P talks about the direction of the project, which was inspired partly by their consumption of various drugs while recording in a secluded location. "It does make sense that there's a little bit of a psychedelic perspective on this record 'cause we have definitely come up here and done, by any standards. a copious amount of psychedelic drugs."

Later on the two describe their different writing styles. El-P says he takes a more thorough approach by writing out all his lyrics. Mike, on the other hand, prefers to work out his rhymes in his mind after he gets a few bars in. "It's easier to write and code it the way I write my first four, five bars and get that out," he says. "It frees up my mind to just get those lines out." Of course, the recording process wasn't a straight Kumbaya session for Run The Jewels as they also get into a heated shouting match about, what else? Who cooked the turkey burgers. "We arguing like a gay couple. What's wrong with you?" Mike yells. "I fried the turkey burgers!" 

As a bonus, watch Run The Jewels' music video "Banana Clipper" featuring Big Boi below. Their album is available for purchase or download on their official website.  

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