A few months back, Pia Mia shared a cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" which showcased her incredible vocals. She previewed the cover during a dinner party at the Kardashians household, where Drake himself was in attendance. A close friend of Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia is in the right position for stardom and she has the talent to back it up. 

She's taking her next step in that direction with her new music video "Red Love." The video is directed by Damien Sandoval and finds the young singer sharing a special moment with her boyfriend in a desert. However, as the song unfolds it becomes clear that their relationship has dried up like the arid setting they're in. The song is an emotional roller coaster and Pia Mia, once again, delivers a powerful performance that many teen gals in distress will find comfort in. Watch "Red Love" above.

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