This might be a shot in the dark, but every little bit helps, right? Especially after we went to the trouble of hitting you with the Mr. Carmack motherlode yesterday. In any case, it looks like while in transit, Mr. Carmack lost his laptop. From what we gather, this is the laptop he uses during his live shows. Djemba Djemba got wind of this and sent out the following tweet:

Los Angeles: I will pay $4000 to whoever can find @_mrcarmack 's laptop, last seen at Union Station. picture

— DJEMBA 2X (@djembadjembaa) December 19, 2013

From what we gather, this guy was the last one to drop Carmack off to catch a bus (it'd seem); he says that Carmack had the laptop with him when he dropped him off at Union Station. If you're in the LA area and can help, this would be a lifesaver for Carmack, we imagine. Plus, you know, $4000 from the one like Djemba Djemba.