King Fantastic has been in jail for what seems like the entirety of 2013, and his team has been hustling hard for him while he's away. I'm not sure what the criminal charges are about, but the fact that he's locked up means he's undoubtedly spending time penning new rhymes. And while street cred gets you a nod in the rap world, King Fantastic never really gave a fuck about conventional rap music. His "Why Where What" video saw 1.4 million plays on vimeo (and another several hundred thousand from a couple other uploaders). And as dope as the tune is, these numbers probably are a direct result of the visuals, which features Kristina Rose doing everything from showering to completely destroying a home in LA. It was an underground look that got some mainstream love, and this the catalyst for King Fantastic's career.

What's more important though is the fact that this and a large stream of his other hits have bass music influence. He's been remixed by the likes of Dev79, Stylust Beats, Knight Riderz, and a ton of others. And even when he's rhyming over other people's records, they have dubstep and trap influence, all thanks to Troublemaker, who's been making a lot of these moments happen.

The majority of Call My Lawyer was mixed and recorded by Troublemaker himself, and is 40 seamless minutes of blends, bootlegs, edits, and originals featuring this prolific producer. You can name your own price for this at bandcamp, but I'm sure a donation would go on his commissary books. Share it around and donate to his stash of prison pastries.