What's former LCD Soundsystem frontman and DFA Records co-founder James Murphy been up to in 2013? Well, he produced the Arcade Fire's new album, Reflektor. He made one of the greatest tracks of the year out of a David Bowie remix. He's up in the New Yorker, making coffee. And now he's on a Yahoo! Live Chat, talking nonsense with regular people about the short film he recently directed.

The film, titled Little Duck, was funded by Canon, who probably paid Murphy (along with a bunch of other famousish people) a shit-ton of money to choose a still photo from a submission-based contest, and use it as inspiration to make a short film, which you can watch here. 


- Murphy: "I feel like I'm in a Nico Muhly opera."  Muhly is the pop/classical composer who recently saw his original opera—about two teenagers corresponding on the Internet—mounted at The Met.

- Murphy would totally be down to make a record with comedian/musician/performance artist Reggie Watts, noting: "i love reggie, and always want to do more with him. and hopefully, if we did something, you'd see a RECORD."

- On what is next for him: "i have to go make a coffee, then go to the studio to work on an edit for despacio, then a remix for the museum of love band. then dinner, i think. or a dj gig. it's a little blurry. after that? more of the same, and some travel for christmas."

- Murphy discussing the score for the revival of Harold Pinter's Betrayal, currently on Broadway, directed by Mike Nichols, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Wiesz. Which nobody other than the people who have seen the play have heard, really.

- Influences for his short film: 

Yes, that Slap Shot.

- James Murphy does not want to join your band, and does not appear to be joining any bands, anytime soon:

- Then there was this exchange, about his avatar, which was a slug wearing the word "sorry" on its chest:

- On where he is eating: "i really like estela in manhattan, and i'm desperate to try contra, which i've heard raves about."

Takeaway: James Murphy's livechat interview style is fantastic and opaque. The rest of it is here. And no, he is still not getting LCD Soundsystem back together. Womp womp.