Holy Hot Natured, baby birds - so, what, they've been back from touring Australia with the beautiful Anabel Englund for all of 20 minutes (note: pretty sure they're back in Australia again) and now they give us this freshly squeezed mixology lesson like it's not big deal? Shouts to Mixmag on featuring this piece of artistic symmetry that got my mercury rising from six to midnight.

And shouts to them again for naming this super group "Act of the Year." If there's anything that can prevent me from continually putting Different Sides of the Sun on repeat multiple times a day then it's most definitely this.

"But, Tyler, can we download it and play it all the time like that time you played 'Benediction' until your girlfriend left you and your room mate broke your jaw?" Well, it's the cover CD to their physical magazine, so you'd need to cop it to get it. Find out how.