We first got a look at Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club clothing line in 2003 in the video for his song "Frontin'."  Pharrell strategically placed his new brand throughout the music video so fans could see what his new venture with BAPE creator Nigo was looking like. Later, Pharrell distributed Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts at the release party for The Neptunes' Clones marking the first time the brand made its way into the hands of people outside the BBC camp. By the following year, Billionaire Boys Club added Icecream to its repertoire as Pharrell was spotted with the first Icecream sneaker. Slowly but surely, BBC/Icecream was becoming a staple of hip-hop fashion.

Over the past decade, BBC/Icecream has revolutionized the streetwear marketing game, with Pharrell and associated artists mentioning the brands in their raps to the point where other rappers (and of course their fans) developed an obsession with Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream as well. At this point many of the biggest names in hip-hop wear BBC/Icecream not just to show support for Pharrell, but because the storied brand has become a status symbol within hip-hop. P's formula for success should be a lesson to all artists trying to launch a fashion line. So for Pharrell Week we've compiled this crash course. Marketing 101: Lyrical References To Billionaire Boys Club/Icecream Throughout The Years. 

Written by Elva Aguilar (@Cheverella_)

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