When beloved rappers get on reality television programs, the results can be painful. Ghostface Killah's upcoming appearance on Couples Therapy is beginning to feel like one of those train wrecks. In a preview of the show, Ghostface's girlfriend, Kelsey Nykole, is shown throwing a drink in his face. She is also shown confronting him about infidelity and throwing several tantrums. Ghostface's reaction alternates between angry and trying to be suave. In one scene, he tells her, "You're not the only chick I do that with." In another scene, he tells her to stop playing.

Clearly, it's difficult to make a complete judgment of Ghostface on Couples Therapy until the season resumes January 2. But in the twenty second example available, things aren't looking very promising. But maybe Ghostface can use the attention to release a new solo album to follow up Twelve Reasons To Die which he put out earlier this year with Adrian Younge.

[via Bossip]

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