Another month, another remix. Kasum does it right every time though. Last month, his remix of All American Rejects' "Move Along" was featured on Night Riot, the mix that won him an opening slot at the Boston stop on Carnage and 3LAU's recent tour. He played the House of Blues, and I have it on good authority that he murdered it. The young Boston University sophomore hits us this week with a Fall Out Boy tune, "Thanks for the Memories."

No Kasum, thank you. I would have never in a million years thought to spin emo records into melodic dubstep tracks. Structured around the original songs, with the added drama of heavy drops that crash like waves in a storm in the middle of the ocean. The perfect storm. And you're all stranded just standing in your raft with a loin cloth and some item you managed to salvage from the crash, but that's all you've got.

Second verse. And you just stand there. Shirtless, pantless, legs and arms outstretched so that  every muscle and vein have made themselves clear on your soaked, glistening skin. You look like that DaVinci drawing, or a snow angel, suspended in the air, head to the sky, screaming the emotional lyrics of your youth. You've never been so desperate in your life at this moment, as your voice bounces off the giant wave above your head. No one hears your bellowing cries as another wave comes crashing down, washing you away.

Thanks for the memories.