We here at DAD run a pretty upfront site. We like to stay on the cusp of new music, and regularly present tunes that others don't, for whatever reason. And outside of that, there are a slew of records we don't place for a myriad of reasons. Guess what, though? There are undoubtedly a ton of remixes, bootlegs, and mash-ups that we probably haven't heard. And we're OK with that, because even with the staff we have, you'd lose all kinds of sleep trying to stay on top of every relevant nook and cranny of the scene (believe me).

With the cost of becoming a producer so much lower in 2013 than it has been in years, bedroom producers are emerging all of the time. Do we need to have heard every version of a song? Hell, how COULD you have heard every remix of a song, especially huge hits? How about just falling in love with the BEST remix of a song?