So, what's your DFACE look like?

Hopefully you're familiar with the musical renaissance man out of Stamford Connecticut, DFACE. His versatility and insane talent shine through any track of his that you listen to. He leaves no genre unturned, and adds so much of his own flavor to an already all-encompassing sound that goes beyond any restrictions of genre. His music is free from all of that. It is naked and raw, sometimes smooth, and other times grimy as fuck.

It is straight sex, and maybe when you listen you'll know what DFACE is all about. At the least, it will bring a stink and smile to your face.

Those beats tho. 

DFACE is a true artist in an industry where so many are marching to the same beat, the same drum. He produces a track from beginning to end, most often using his own instruments and vocals. When this track fell "from the [Interweb] skies" and into my lap(top) last week, I got very excited about it. I was alone in my bedroom, where it is totally safe to sport your DFACE. Rock out with your...

Seriously though: piano riffs, choppy vocals, and melodic drops? How did he know? Love at first listen. The piano intro sounds like something from Chicago (the band), so soulful and jazzy. It pulls you in every time, each listen takes me to a "Saturday in the Park" for a moment. It isn't long before choppy vocals remind you why you are here.

You want the D. Trust me, you do. 

This track moves with flawless fluidity, weaving vocals and high melodies through a steady rhythm. And that is just the beginning. Twice it drops into this amazingly ambient, chiller-than-chillstep groove that makes you want to bang your head with goosebumps and tears, the complexity and depth of this sound literally moving through you, until you can actually feel the music.

Like I said, this dude is straight DaVinci like with his music, and "From the Skies" aptly represents that person. In addition to vocals and instrumentals that are meticulously constructed and edited with genius, he manages to include a multitude of genre, even that outside of electronica in his music. That is the type of thing that ensures the staying power of electronic music; when the sound is so all encompassing that the music represents everything there ever was and ever will be.

Beauty is undeniable, and it is everywhere, even in the saddest of truths. To be honest, I respect anyone that can pull off two hard and heavy drops that will actually wow a crowd, and I believe this will. There is something very powerful in that melodic type of drop. Your face knows it. Look in the mirror.

DFACE. Boom.