Nicki Minaj took a pair of selfies which she posted on Instagram tonight. Nicki put no words in the captions; instead, she used emojis and let the picture say all the words. Based on the timing, it looks like this picture was Nicki's way of letting people know that she's about to go out to some type of Halloween party. But what is she dressing up as anyways?

Maybe a previous picture she posted sheds a clue. That pair of handcuffs might suggest that she's dressing up as a police officer. But then again, maybe the handcuffs mean something else altogether; after all, there is no other sign in the two selfies that she was trying to be a cop. Which then brings us back to the all-important question: Does it really matter?

UPDATE: Here's Nicki's "full" ensemble. Looks like she was dressing up to be a police officer, although the phrase "dressing up" might be incorrect.


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