Earlier this year, the awesome @DJsComplaining Twitter account received quite a bit of buzz, ranging from a collection of Mixmag articles (which you can read on their site) to DAD collecting some of our favorite retweets from the account back in February. We love you, DJs, and can't help but get immersed in the things you tend to complain about, both bad and good. Then an interesting thing happened; at some point, a @ComplainingDJs account was born. It doesn't look like it's affiliated with @DJsComplaining, and has been around for a bit, but for whatever reason they didn't get as much shine as @DJsComplaining. We're hoping to change that. They both have the same M.O.: give you the other side of the life of a DJ/producer. The times where they can't make music because they need to wash the dishes. Or the frustrations behind trying to figure out release schedules. Some are funny, some are aggravating, but ultimately they all seem to be genuine and honest... for good or ill. In any case, we see you, @ComplainingDJs, and we appreciate this slice of DJ life that you give us.