To hype MTV's EMA show (which is taking place in Amsterdam and can be live-streamed right now), MTV made sure to throw some more money Daft Punk's way. After the Colbchella situation, which resulted in a lack of Daft usage during the 2013 MTV VMAs, the powers-that-be at MTV decided to have Will Farrell ride on a three-seater with Daft Punk as Ron Burgundy to promote the forthcoming Anchorman 2 film. Why? To help plug Ron Burgundy's scheduled appearance at the EMAs. Maybe one of these days the androids can actually, you know, PERFORM on MTV?

EDIT Video has surfaced of Ron Burgundy and Daft Punk, aka the "inexplicable continentals from space," touring Amsterdam. A lot of boat-riding and cupcake-eating goes down.