As seen in our most recent talk with her, Ariana Grande is a pop star that is living the life, but not letting fame determine her decisions. In this latest interview Ariana takes a stand against the ever scruitinizing media and their inistence in picking apart the stars they help create.

"I just put out a #1 album on Billboard, can't [they talk about that]?" -- Ariana says before moving on to defend Miley Cyrus, calling attention to her new looks. It's not surprising that Ariana would defend Miley, both being child television stars, but it is even more meaningful that someone who is relatively "normal" like Ariana defends an artist that the media seems hellbent to demonize. 

Ariana gets even more animated in her description of Justin Bieber, who has been depicted recently as being completely off the rails in the media. She defends his actions as normal, but magnified by his position in the spotlight.

The media position on teen stars is big business for tabloids and conventional news outlets alike, and artists like Ariana Grande are pushing against it hoping to get the attention on their artistry. Whether it will make a change is unknown, but the sentiment is necesarry. Bravo, Ariana

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