We're not surprised that this had to happen, but it sucks that it happened. When Zeds Dead released their Major Lazer-collaboration "Turn Around," we noticed a number of hate-filled comments on their SoundCloud. DAD's of the mind that this bangs, and even if a dancehall-tinged moombah-flavored track isn't in Zeds Dead's normal wheelhouse, they operate on so many different levels with their music that we figured it made sense. It looks like the hate for this was too much, as Zeds Dead took to their Facebook to let people know how they felt:


Now it feels like there are a few ways of looking at this. It sucks that the social media flack that artists can get for music that people don't like can drive them to have to explain why they took their art into another direction... but at least the duo spoke on it, as opposed to Julio Bashmore, who post-"Duccy" hate just kept mum about it. Which way is better? That's left up to the artist. You'd hope that fans would reserve their hate for things that truly suck as opposed to stuff that "doesn't sound like the other stuff they make." Don't be close-minded, folks.

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