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At the Barclays Center two nights ago, Drake's DJ, Future The Prince gave the audience a brief snippet of "Trophies," a song produced by Hit-Boy that actually appeared in the trailer for Nothing Was The Same. The song is highly-anticipated, to the point that radio DJs are starting to play the YouTube recording of the snippet on FM radio mixshows.

Speaking with Revolt TV after his show, Drake explained why "Trophies" hasn't come out yet. According to him, the song was supposed to be on Nothing Was The Same, but he has thus far been unable to complete the song. After trying two different versions of a hook, the Toronto rapper scrapped both, and then reached out to see if anybody else could tackle the hook better than he could have. After hearing some different versions, Drake decided to not put anybody on the hook, as he felt like it would ruin the moment, especially trying to perform the song on tour.

That said, Drake is looking to get in the studio to knock out the hook in order to put out the song very soon. In the interview, Drake also spoke about wanting to release more songs that didn't end up on the album, including the remix to "Wu-Tang Forever," which is "just sitting there waiting" at the moment.

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