Over the last few years California alternative rock band The Neighbourhood have become a notable act to follow, as evidenced by their provocative new music video "Afraid" as well as their impressive debut album I Love You. In ComplexTV's new episode of "The Neighborhood," the group share the origins of their band and give us a personal tour of their city.

They take us back to Oak Park, California where they used to record at drummer Bryan Sammis' parent's house. The Neighbourhood describe how they all came together, which occurred during shows as teenagers when they performed in other bands. Their connection was also influenced by the proximity of Oak Park. "This is a really small town," Sammis says. "It's kind of like a little bubble. It's nice though, it's really nice obviously. I'm super fortunate to grow up here, but you travel five minutes any way and you're out of here."

The Neighbourhood then travel to The Oaks mall before grabbing some grub at their favorite pizza spot, Toppers Pizza Place in Thousand Oaks. "We've never been to Italy, but we've done New York and we've done Chicago. And Toppers makes that shit look like bullshit," lead singer Jesse Rutherford declares. "Toppers just kills the game."

Watch the full clip above, where the band also visit DJ Skee for an interview and live performance. The Neighbourhood's debut album I Love You. is available now.

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