DJ apps for the iPad have been met with disdain from real DJs because, shockingly, you look like a tool trying to DJ on an iPad. It's cool to "play around" and "get your mix on" with some of these fun apps (and we have seen ones from both Traktor and Serato in the recent past), but you might as well pull out a Beamz if you're trying to be taken seriously as a DJ solely rocking with your iPad decks. With all of that said, someone took it to the extreme, creating "DJ Mixer for Spotify," which was available for free for App store users. This app was apparently allowed users to set cue points and tempo changes on its "advanced player for Spotify with enhanced DJ-style playback controls," that The Guardian says "uses Spotify's "Core" API, which is why it's free: the streaming service does not allow developers to charge for apps using the API." Or, used, as Spotify actually had removed from the App Store due to "breaching the API terms of use." We're not sure if this is the cause of it, but reportedly this app could be used without an Internet connection, as the tracks would be stored on the device. That was a great idea, considering that trying to get WiFi up in the club can be crazy, but still, it sounds like shady business.

I'd like to reiterate a word of caution, though: don't bother rocking with this. We can see certain apps on your iPad being used in your sets to help manipulate the songs you're playing, and if you have a party at your crib and no equipment, DAD's all for you and your friends goofing off with "tablet DJ software." If you're trying to really get in this game, using a "DJ app" on your iPad in place of real decks will have you looking silly, and unless you can really pull off a huge, festival-ready set on your iPad, will not get you out of the "DJ novelty" bin.