Happiness is a choice. Bad days can easily turn themselves around. If you disagree with those two statements, you have to lighten up. We all have had those days that really test our patience, our will, our resolve. Maybe you lost your job, maybe your girl dumped you, maybe you just had your hopes and dreams crushed. But we need to soldier on and keep it moving. No one wants to hear a sob story. Luckily, we have a way to make you feel better. How? One word: Music. 

Most dudes drown their sorrows at the bar or they join a flag football team to feel better. That's all good, but why spend all that money and energy when you can boost your morale from the comfort of your own home? Order a pizza and crack open a beer. Put on some Stevie Wonder and let his velvety voice full up your crappy studio apartment. Let the stress slip out of your mind and open your ears to Earth, Wind & Fire and Miguel. See? Doesn't your life seem a little bit better already?

No one likes a buzzkill so revamp your mood with our list of Songs To Make You Feel Better. It’s a guaranteed good time.

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