Earlier this year, we noticed the movements that Showtek had been making, moving on from the hard dance scene to just crafting huge dance music bangers on their own and with others, from Tiesto to Noisecontrollers. We spoke with them back in April at what, in hindsight, feels like the beginning of their proper emergence as "more than just hard dance artists." Over the last month or so, they have been crafting special "Essentials" mixes, featuring classic material, tracks to pregame to, afterhours selections, and music from up-and-comers. DAD is proud to present the seventh volume of this series, and we got a special interview with Showtek to give us more insight on the project and their recent material.

So you've got the seventh installment here for your essential series. What do you hope to accomplish with the series?
Well, we just love all kinds of music. We want to spread our musical taste to show the world that we are not afraid to listen to other types of music besides EDM. We want to show that we also love tracks from Notorious B.I.G. or St Germain and everything in between as well.

How did the idea for Showtek's Essentials get hatched?
Because we like all kinds of music: dance, hip-hop, pop and a whole lot more. So we want to spread our love for music by selecting songs of different types of genres.

What's your favorite part of the series?
All of the songs from Showtek’s Essentials, of course! Otherwise it wouldn't be Showtek’s Essentials... lol! But if we have to choose a part, we like the chill-out track to smoke some dutchies to. We love to chill for hours and hours with laid-back music on in the background.

What's the one essential Showtek song?

We're glad that you mentioned "Booyah," a track that's heavily inspired by dancehall and drum & bass. What brought that about? How did you guys decide to incorporate drum & bass?
Our love for music has no boundaries. DJs like to play it safe and easy, so the drum & bass was quite shocking... We kept it in because we thought it was one of the strongest parts of the track.

Are you guys looking to do more in the dancehall vibe? Are you looking to collaborate with anyone in particular from the dancehall world?
Well, with "Booyah," we have all these different influences mixed in one tune. That’s why it’s such a stand out song. We’re not specifically aiming for a certain type of genre, but working with Major Lazer would be cool.

You guys are clearly stretching your wings even more now with "Booyah." What other styles can we expect to get a Showtek touch?
We don’t want to stick to a certain style of music. In the beginning we started with techno, later on it was hardstyle and now it’s EDM. So we got only one thing to say about this: fuck genres…Haha! Types of music aren't important, the music itself is!

What else do you have coming down the pipeline?
A very nice party track, Showtek style! Wanna know more? Follow us at facebook.com/showtekofficial.

Do androids dance?
For sure! Never saw one at our show tho, maybe in the future :)

Showtek’s Favorite Classic: Tiesto - Flight 643
Showtek’s Current Favorite: Calvin Harris Feat Ayah Marrar - Thinking About You Showtek’s Favorite Chill-Out Track: Eelke Kleijn - Ein Tag Am Strand
Showtek’s Secret Weapon: Lana Del Rey VS Showtek - Summertime City (Jordy Dazz-Up)
Showtek’s Upcoming Talent Support: Toby Green - Munchies
Showtek’s Roadtrip Music: Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Showtek’s Pregame Track: Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix)
Showtek’s Afterhour Song: Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Flaxo Remix)