Yesterday, we heard some news that made our inner-rap nerd geek out. DJ Premier claimed that he has a joint album with Nas in the works. As hardcore cynical rap fans, our natural reaction was to say, "Yeah right! We'll believe it when we see it!" Which is a pretty reasonable thing to do, since the idea of a Nas/Premier full-length project has been floating around for years.

In fact, the two memorably appeared on the cover of Scratch magazine together around 2005 with talks of doing said project. Of course, it not only failed to materialize but in the years since, Premier has done more songs with Christina Aguilera than he has with Nas. For all the talk of Nas and Premier's fabled relationship, they've only made nine songs together. Then again, those nine songs are like nine of the best Nas songs ever (including "New York State of Mind," the actual best Nas song ever). So if and when the album does come to fruition, we'll be dying to hear it. 

But the news got us thinking: What are the other dream collaboration albums we'd like to see? After all, there's no musical relationship more important than the one between artist and producer. (The most underrated is the one between artist and accountant.) So we thought up some duos we'd like to see lock in for a proper project. Here's 10 Rapper/Producer Albums That Need To Happen Right Now.

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin) & David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

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