Mr. Carmack is a producer from Hawaii that popped off incredibly quick. He’s already signed to Mad Decent, and rightfully so. We marveled at “Birth Control,” which is one of the most innovative bass records in 2013. Clicks & Whistles picked a Mr. Carmack track as one of their Five Tracks back in January, and we recently covered his 10 tracks in 10 days. The dude is a phenom, and has an incredibly bright future.

He was playing a warehouse party recently, and a friend of his tried to push through a police barricade in order to retrieve his DJ gear. We aren't exactly sure what happened or what the charges are, but his buddy was arrested. Bail has been set at $20,000. In a true display of friendship, Mr. Carmack reached out to pull a tune to sell in an effort to raise the money to get his buddy out of custody.

The track for sale actually isn’t from Carmack at all though. It’s from producer and programmer Mike Gao, who nerds know as the creator of the Polyplayground music app for iPad [Ed. Note: Mike Gao says that the track is actually a collaboration between Carmack and himself.]. There’s a back and forth on Twitter where he’s asking Mr. Carmack if “Parvisi” got bailed out yet. We imagine the producer in question is Mike Parvisi, who is one half of Penthouse Penthouse, is a founder of Team Supreme, and has collaborated with Carmack before.

All said, this is a dope track being offered up to help out a friend. It’s got the West Coast beats vibe, thumping low end, and some dope vocals looped in. For a dollar, you get an incredibly cool record, and can help get someone out of jail. We can only hope Parvisi’s hardware is still intact. You know how the law gets when they get riled up. Give a listen, and throw a dollar for a good cause.