I can't front: I was a fan of "What Love is Made Of," but I wasn't huge into the singles that Katy B released after. She's got a lot to live up to, with On A Mission being such a huge hit two years ago. Her next album, Little Red, is due out in 2014, and if more of it sounds like what George FitzGerald did on "I Like You," she definitely has a winner on her hands. To be fair, the Route 94 remix of "5AM" is fly... maybe if Katy's looking to dip more into this new breed of bass-driven house, its just that she needs the "right" producer(s). Because "I Like You" is mint. Super mint. Don't change from this, Katy.

"I Like You" is a cut from Katy's forthcoming 5AM EP, which is due out on November 4.