Nobody does real talk like Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack. The former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and Internet radio talk-show personality now hosts The Combat Jack Show, where hip-hop's biggest names are put on the front line. The questions will be tough—and shots will be fired. Co-hosted by Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, and Just Blaze, The Combat Jack Show appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Complex TV. 

In this episode of The Combat Jack Show, guests from season one discuss memorable Jay Z stories. Busta Rhymes talks about his first experiences with Jay, as they both attended the same highschool in Brooklyn alongside The Notorious B.I.G. He says they used to battle rap back then, with Jay getting the upper hand at the time. "In school, I'm thinking I'm able to kill anybody with this shit, and me and Hov got to battling. He had it finessed just a little more than me at the time," he says.

Legendary producer DJ Premier talks about his relationship with Jay Z, which dates back to Jay's debut album Reasonable Doubt. Premier describes him as a normal guy despite his immense success, and he says whenever they talk it's like time hasn't passed. "It's almost like we had a conversation 20 years ago, and as soon as he walks in he'll go, 'So like I was saying 20 years ago,' and you'll just start talking," he states. "It's not like, 'Hey Jay,' with this big glowing thing now. He's just still regular Jay around people that he knows."

Watch the full clip above, where Large Professor and Joey Bada$$ also share their own entertaining Jay stories. If you enjoyed this video, watch Black Thought and Large Professor talk about memorable Nas stories below.




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