DJs traveling through JFK Aiport, heeds this tale. Funkagenda is a Toolroom Knight, and by his own admission (for good or ill), he's a "mouthy cunt." Those two things didn't bode well for the DJ/producer at JFK Airport in New York, and last night he told a story about a serious altercation that left him tased by TSA agent and lying in a hospital. From what he said, the agents didn't believe that he was traveling on business, and when they asked him to step aside and get properly questioned, an altercation ensued that lead to Funkagenda calling one of the agents an asshole. This lead to him being tased, handcuffed, and without his luggage, waking up in a hospital trying to piece things together. All over a boarding issue. Check out the tweets on his situation up above, and know that if you're at JFK and call a TSA agent an asshole, you should be ready for anything.

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