Happy birthday Drake. Today, the Toronto rapper officially turns 27. Drake rang in his birthday ("October 24th's Very Own") last night with a series of festivities. He got dressed up all fancy and went to a Raptors preseason game, then got dressed even fancier and hit the club, and then went home for an afterparty that featured a to-scale model of the city of Toronto made of cake. (Cake, cake, cake.) How do we know all this? Because Drake totally invited us because we're besties in typical Drake fashion he Instagrammed every waking moment of it.

We really can't knock Drake for putting up so many photos. We're in the We Live In Public era and no one lives in public more than Drake (except, of course, Kim Kardashian). So he might as well stunt hard for all his exes living in Texas and be all like, "Yeah bitch, I'm the Raptors Global Ambassador. Fuck you doing? How dare you reject my advances in a past life?" But then write a humblebrag caption like, "Far too kind." Anyway, since you probably didn't get the invite (ours apparently got lost in the mail), here's a recap of how Drake spent his born day...

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