Earlier today DJ Quik announced on Twitter that he will be selling all of his production equipment. He also explained that he will no longer be engineering or remixing for any artists going forward.

While there's no direct reason given as to why Quik has made this abrupt decision, it could be in correlation to an event that occurred a few weeks ago. The veteran producer revealed his customized Akai Linn MPC3000 was stolen in Woodland Hills, California. From the tweet below, it looks as though he got the MPC back, but now he's planning on selling it. 

DJ Quik has been active since the late-80s, with his 1991 debut Quik Is the Name considered one of the greatest debut hip-hop albums of all time. He's since continued his legacy as one of rap's most prominent figures from California, having worked with 2Pac, Dr. DreSnoop Dogg and many others during the West Coast's reign in the early to mid-90s.

[via Twitter]

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