Unruly is a label that only music super nerds and those that were around a decade ago really have a deep connection to. It was a Baltimore platform for Baltimore DJs, and the brand associated with Scottie B, DJ Class, Say Wut, and a stack of others. Philly's Emynd was affiliated before going on an epic run of original bounce productions. But Unruly's website barely works, their SoundCloud hasn't been updated in more than two years, and this name became not much more than a point to reminisce over with the small group of people that knew of its past glory.

Enter T&A Records, who paired the stems from three classic records with a flood of reputable producers. Scottie B, King Tutt, Blunted Dummies, and DJ Class all led this historic Baltimore wave, and have been resurrected by the likes of DJ Ayres, Luny P, Tittsworth, Nadastrom, and Cousin Cole. 16 total artists remixed four records for one release, Unruly Remixes. This project is the definition of ambitious. I spent a summer in 2005 or 2006 blasting the shit out of the 1999 anthem "Tear The Club Up," and to see Sliink put his hands on it and give a Jersey club twist to a Baltimore classic was a magical moment for me.

Releases like this are what's needed in order to educate our younger generation about the true roots of dance music, and we're so incredibly happy that this is coming out. There are also a few downloadable tunes available on this set, but we highly recommend you support this collaboration between two independent labels. It'll be on iTunes next week, but you can pre-order it now here. And if you checked this release elsewhere, take a peek at the DJ Ayres & XXXChange remix of "Tear Da Club Up," which T&A graciously unlocked the download just for Do Androids Dance.