While yesterday's deadmau5 suite featured three takes on "Creep" that were of a downtempo variety, today finds deadmau5 sharing "start over," which is way more upbeat and happy. And in typical "suite" fashion, we have a pair of sequels to this, if you will: "start starting over" and "slow down, start over." My personal favorite might me "start starting over," although the slower pace of "slow down, start over" has a better overall feel to it. Earlier today, WRR revealed an Instagram that deadmau5 recently posted featuring some of the previous tracks we've heard, like "Suckfest9001" and "My Pet Coelecanth," that looks oddly enough like an album tracklist. Or maybe one disc of a double album. Hmmm. For that sleuthing, we've added "Creep 2k13."

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